Scope of application, conclusion of a purchase agreement
      The products displayed on our Website constitute a non-binding product catalogue. Our product offerings on the Website are non-binding and do not constitute an offer to conclude a purchase agreement.
      By placing an order via the Website, you make a binding offer to purchase the relevant products and, thus, to conclude a purchase agreement ("Agreement").
      To place an order, you may, as a first step, put our products into your shopping basket in a non-binding manner and then correct your entries at any time by adjusting your cart before placing your binding order. In the basket itself, you can change the quantity of a product or delete a product from your basket at any time. Next, you are required to enter all of the data that is relevant to the processing of your order (first and last name, invoice and delivery address, selection of a payment method and payment details, e-mail address, shipping details and phone number). During the order process, we provide you with technical resources in the form of a standard check for completeness and plausibility (check to see whether all mandatory fields have been completed and whether the characters entered are appropriate for the mandatory field in question) to help you to recognise any errors you have possibly made in your entries. Your order data is then summarised once again for your final check. By clicking on the "Order and pay" button, you place a binding order for the products in your basket. By clicking on the "Order and pay" button, you place a binding order for the products in your basket. By clicking on the “Order and pay” button and placing a binding order you accept these General Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy.
      Receipt of the order will be confirmed by us via e-mail to you ("Receipt Confirmation") without undue delay. The Receipt Confirmation does not yet constitute the acceptance of your order unless it expressly declares such an acceptance; in this case, the Agreement shall be deemed to have been concluded as a result of the acceptance. In all other cases, an agreement is deemed to have been concluded at the time at which the products you have ordered are dispatched and you receive a further separate e-mail from us informing you of the dispatch ("Dispatch Confirmation"). The Dispatch Confirmation will also contain all details of the Agreement (including the details of the order and these General Terms and Conditions as well as the Privacy Policy).
      We reserve the right at our sole discretion not to accept your order. If the Receipt Confirmation does not expressly declare an acceptance of your order and your products are not dispatched within several working days from receipt of the Receipt Confirmation, your offer to conclude an agreement shall be deemed to have been rejected.
      The language available for the conclusion of an agreement is: English.
You can place your order as a guest via Express Checkout without registering. You may also register on our Website as stated below when you place your order and create a customer account ("Customer Account"). If you create a Customer Account when you place your order, the details of your order and the Agreement will be stored therein; you can then review the details in your Customer Account.
      If you wish to amend or cancel your order immediately after having clicked “Order and pay” then please call our customer service team who will do their best to help. Your statutory withdrawal rights remain unaffected.